And so we begin!

The best way to begin an undertaking, I suppose, is to have a statement of intent. Let’s give that a bit of a go, shall we?

I intend this blog to be a written account of my exploration of the world of Sherlock Holmes. When I was a child, my mother made the mistake of handing me a volume of the complete tales of the Great Detective, and I’m afraid that the poor woman has had very little peace since. The thought has recently struck me that, rather than picking them up at random as I have been wont to do of late, I ought to once again read the stories through from the beginning. This has, I must admit, grown rather quickly into a far larger idea: to pair that with my ongoing love of history, art, music, psychology and, well, rambling like an absent-minded professor.

Thus was born the idea for this blog: to delve more deeply into the characters and plots Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so obligingly provided us with, and discuss them in the various contexts of the stories, the time period, and the views of the author. I invite anyone with an interest to join me.

And so, we shall shortly begin with A Study In Scarlet.

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